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Tuesday, 01 December 2009 14:46


 Foreign companies intending to produce films in Indonesia is obligated to do the following

 1.       The relevant foreign company must submit an application to the Department of Cultural and Tourism, c.q. the Directorate of Film, through any Indonesian Representative Office in its respective country.  The application shall have the following attachments:

  • Data of the corporation, the crews, and their positions
  • Copies of passports of the foreign personnel involved
  • Synopsis of the project to be filmed
  • Schedule and location of shootinG
  • List of equipments to be brought in to Indonesia, accompanied with statements of intention to re-export the equipments upon completion of the film production.

 2.        Each application is subject to administrative examination by Department of Cultural and Tourism, based on which the application shall be granted or refused.  The evaluation team will be comprised of officers representing the Department of Cultural and Tourism, and other related authorities.

 3.        In this regard, the Department of Cultural and Tourism, c.q. the Directorate of Film will be the issuer of permits for filming in Indonesia, and will provide assistance during the production of the film in Indonesia.

 4.       Approval or refusal of such application shall be decided at the latest 7 (seven) working days after the completion of all requirements.

 5.        For filming in certain areas, the Directorate of Film may require the foreign company to be accompanied by an appointed supporting team, to ensure the smoothness of the film production.  These areas are to be determined by the Directorate of Film.

 6.       The foreign company is obligated to submit a copy of the film produced in the form of Betacam video cassette, to the Government of Indonesia, c.q. the department of Cultural and Tourism, to be used for noncommercial purposes only.

 7.        Crews of the foreign companies, while conducting activities within the jurisdiction of Indonesia, is required to respect the local norms and traditions, as well as to comply with the prevailing laws and regulations.


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To improve our consular service, starting March 2015, the consular service hours of the Consulate is:

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All inquiries regarding our Consular Services should be directed to:consular@indonesiachicago.org

All inquiries regarding our Consular Services should be directed to:consular@indonesiachicago.org

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